[happy present]

1. Put the kettle on to boil. 2. warm your favourite teapot. 3. add one tablespoon of tea for each person. 4. Pour in boiling water, allow to brew for ten minutes, while you do one of the following: Lie on the sofa like a great big slug. Hug somebody. Dance like you danced when you were five years old. Rest. Take off your shoes and wiggle your toes. Sing like Pavarotti. Shake like Elvis. Help yourself a huge slice of chocolate cake. Call a friend. Listen. Remember the last time you laughed out loud. Tickle somebody. Sit where you can feel the sun on your face. Smile. Look out a window and drink in the world. Run a hot bath.Wrap yourself in a duvet. Think about someone you love. Light a candle. Be still. Be present. Just be.
5. Stir and pour 6. Drink.

sms. obrigada pelo chá, havemos de o fumar juntos!

7 Responses to “[happy present]”

  1. # Blogger Freddy

    Só tenho uma palavra e alguns números para ti: nokia 5220!!!


  2. # Blogger intruso

    preciso disso desesperadamente

    (bebe-se e fuma-se?)


  3. # Blogger merdinhas
  4. # Blogger G!

    e resulta?  

  5. # Blogger Jazz Manel

    É para chá!!!  

  6. # Blogger Maria Cardeal

    Se isso fizer efeito, avisa!
    Nunca é demais.

  7. # Blogger corpo visível

    não se torna perigoso um chá assim?

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